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The Great Pharaoh Khufu was also known by the name of Cheops, which was the later Greek form of his name. He was the son of King Sneferu, the one who built the Bent Pyramid. He was also the son of Queen Hetpeheres, her loyal spouse.
In Khufu’s live, he got married to three women. One of them was Queen Merey-It-Is and the another one was Queen
Henutsen. There was another one but i dont know the name. It doesnt show her name.
Khufu was the second pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty from 2589-2566. Khufu reigned for about 24 years in Egypt. In King Khufu' s life, he produced many boys from his three wives. One of them, Djedefre, who is also known by other names, was the one who would have become pharaoh after King Khufu dies. Everbody said that Khufu was a cruel and ruthless pharaoh because he liked to kill people.

King Khufu was also known as the "Father of The Great Pyramid." When Khufu was reigning Egypt he decided to create the worlds largest pyramid. King Khufu did this in Egypt because he said that it helped pharaohs that had died before keep their things in there with alot of protection. The pyramid was over 481 feet tall. Each block weighted about 2.5 tons. It took about 100,000 people to make it. It also took 20 years to make it. The people had to put about 10,000 blocks each day. You would think peo
ple died trying to make the Pyramid.The pyramid was located in Giza, Egypt. While Khufu did the pyramid, he also made something that was called " The Great Sphinx." This was like a big, type of animal that he made right next to the pyramid to scare people away. Instead, this animal attracted even more people to go see the pyramid.

After all these years that have passed, only a small statue, that is 9cm big, that was found in Necropolis, that is made tiny of ivory remains in The Cairo Museum that is located in Egypt. This is the only thing that remains of King Khufu. While Khufu was reigning he still did do a few things.

He led a Military Army to Sinai, nobody knows why, and he led a few raids to Nubia and Libya.

The reason why he did these raids was to get stuff that he needed that he did not have. He went to Nubia to put slaves to mine in the gold mines to get gold. Nubia was the only place where there was gold. Nubia comes from the word "Nub" meaning gold in Egypt. The first raid of Khufu's tomb happened in 820 Ad, when it was raid by a pirate named Abdullal Al Mamun.

Along with the Pyramid, King Khufu also created a ship. Not too big and not too small, it was a 141- foot long ship made out of cedar wood. It had been found in a rock pit close to the south side of the Pyramid. This ship was fixed in all these years and it now remains in a special museum next to the Pyramid. People thought it symbolized the solar journey of King Khufu with the gods, especially the God of the Sun, Ra.

King Khufu had many good and bad experiences in his life. He helped people and didn't. Some ways he didn't was by getting slaves to do stuff for him.He even killed people that didn't want to do things for him. Like Slaves. He really did put them to work. Althought in the other hand, he really did some good things for Egypt. He became Pharaoh of Egypt. He created the Great Pyramid for Pharaohs to put their valuable stuff in there. Also, he created the Great Sphinx. I really like the great and only one King Khufu!


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